Some cables…

Because of the pin incompatibility between Teensy 2 and Teensy 3.2 I had to manage some cables 🙂


Good news: Teensy 3 instead of 2

I have decided to change the heart of my controller. 🙂

The Teensy 3.2 gives much more of all: More pins, more power, better analog control, more space on flashrom, RAM and  EEPROM. I’m thinking about to implement something with touch control.

And there is the oportunity to make a synth of it!

I have to make a new PCB, because the old is not pin compatible and there are now 2 different voltages. But I’m lucky to be able to make an adapter for prototype usage. 🙂 The new voltages are no problem as I have tested all components with them on breadboard. Just some lower resistors, that’s all.

There are so many new possibilities and new ideas, I didn’t thought about as I started my project one year ago as a simple MIDI controller with 64 CCs.

New play mode available: euclidean sequencer

If you not heard about euclidean sequencer:

Euclidean sequencer generates natural sounding rhythms, you should read this:


I have integrated it to the sequencer now and it is a nice, inspiring technique,

especially in combination with the other possibilities of the sequencer like ping-pong-play, chord play, swing and so on… 🙂


My next steps are to include this in the menu and I want to visualise the sequence on the display.