multi channel mode

I have successfully added the multi channel mode. Now all play modes incl. euclidean rhythm, scale mode and chords can be played simultaneously and independent on up to 16 channels on separate tracks with inividual tempo divider and so on!


Chord and Scale Mode

I have added 64 chords which can be played in every base note.

And there is now a scale mode, so you can easily sequence notes in popular scales like pentatonic major, pentatonic minor and so on.

Good news: Teensy 3 instead of 2

I have decided to change the heart of my controller. 🙂

The Teensy 3.2 gives much more of all: More pins, more power, better analog control, more space on flashrom, RAM and  EEPROM. I’m thinking about to implement something with touch control.

And there is the oportunity to make a synth of it!

I have to make a new PCB, because the old is not pin compatible and there are now 2 different voltages. But I’m lucky to be able to make an adapter for prototype usage. 🙂 The new voltages are no problem as I have tested all components with them on breadboard. Just some lower resistors, that’s all.

There are so many new possibilities and new ideas, I didn’t thought about as I started my project one year ago as a simple MIDI controller with 64 CCs.

New play mode available: euclidean sequencer

If you not heard about euclidean sequencer:

Euclidean sequencer generates natural sounding rhythms, you should read this:


I have integrated it to the sequencer now and it is a nice, inspiring technique,

especially in combination with the other possibilities of the sequencer like ping-pong-play, chord play, swing and so on… 🙂


My next steps are to include this in the menu and I want to visualise the sequence on the display.

Added MIDI clock and reverse play

Today I have added the internal MIDI clock and reverse play to the sequencer.

So it is now possible to play MIDI instruments without need of an external clock from a computer or clock generator!

Reverse play is the third play mode of the sequencer. As the name says, it plays the notes in opposite order than forward. 😉 Currently, there are the modes forward, reverse (or backward) and random play. There will be ping-pong play at soon, which is a combination of forward and reverse play.

Next steps are to integrate BPM control and MASTER/SLAVE switch in the menu, which will hopefully not overstrain me. 😀